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    Your wedding cake is the first to welcome visitors as they arrive at the event. In the case of a wedding, the cake serves as a reference point to the spirit of the event. Brides and grooms used to be prepared for marriage after the crops were reaped and cakes were long thought to be a positive omen for success. Wedding cakes were a way of offering good wishes to the newlyweds, so relatives and neighbors passed on slices of cake to them. typically conjures up the idea of a three round layers, which most people call “wedding cake,” when they imagine “wedding” usually portrays three pie crust layers, which weddings regularly contain your wedding cake will be as long as you want it to be I have seen a variety of wedding cakes with different styles, from the multi-tiered heart-shaped ones with a few pedestals that use bridges to mini-tiered cylinders on the top. I liked it quite a lot. I'm acquainted with two hockey players who are going to get married soon. A sheet cake was made to resemble a hockey rink was used to make their wedding cake. It was clear from the ceremony that it was a very much an elopement rather than a proper wedding. Delicately decorated may be appropriate for an informally planned occasions. The kind of cake you'd like for your wedding is your preference. Most brides have a specific picture in their mind of the ideal wedding cake, which they may have pictured since childhood The artist would work as hard as possible to make the vision a reality. shape a rough approximation of the number of visitors, allow a slight margin of error in the color scheme, and then get an illustration from a magazine if necessary Often, the baker would like to know what kind of cake and icing you'd like. Samples can also be given. If you want to bring a little joy to your formal wedding, pickle the grooms cake. the only condition is that the groom's particular preferences be integrated into the design of the wedding cake. There are several racing series to which he can apply to. When any special occurrence happens on the same day, you can find a way to note it. on her father-in-in-birthday, law's she got the wedding cake's crème-frosting finished. He was happy as could be. This can be explored in detail with the cake planner, at least a month in advance of the wedding day of. There are several bakeries that offer wedding cakes, but I would recommend finding one that specializes in wedding cakes. Cake doesn't have to be restricted to the conventional approach. Lonely confectioners had devised a wedding cake of hundreds of delicately-made cupcakes arranged cupcakes, each filled with a different filling. It was really a magical experience!      
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    WASC Wedding Cake

    WASC Wedding Cake



    1. In bowl mix together dry ingredients. It’s helpful to use a wire whisk; important w/choco cake not so much for other flavors.
    2. In mixer bowl place next 4 ingredients. Add about 1/2 of the dry ingredients and blend together, then add the rest of the dry ingredients & blend. Mix for 2 minutes.
    3. Pour into prepared pans * and bake as usual.
    4. *NOTES: *ANY* cake flavor can be used. Some tell me they just dump all ingredients into the bowl together others say they sift all dry ingredients together.
    5. Match the flavoring to the cake flavor such use lemon/almond mix for lemon cake; strawberry for a strawberry cake etc, etc. For most flavors you can use a mixture of vanilla, butter, and almond which is what I do most of the time.
    6. You can use milk, juice, thawed fzn concentrates, soda pop (ie: Coke) cream or just about anything wet for the liquid.
    7. This recipe is based on mixing in a kitchenaid mixer. I use position #1 to stir it, then #4 to mix the batter.
    8. Most of the time I forget to add the salt:)
    9. On rare occasions I have used other brands of mix.
    10. This makes the amount of batter as if you used 1 1/2 mixes and is perfect for a 10″ sq OR 9×13 OR one 8″ & two 6″ round;OR two 8″rounds OR a 12″ round; and other combinations of pans.
    11. I prefer to bake at 300 degrees for about 20-30 minutes (depending on size of cake) then turn oven up to 325 for about an equal time. If cake has pulled away from sides it is overbaked. After cooling, the top might be a bit sticky.
    12. Some people have told me they use plain or flavored yogurt instead of sour cream.
    13. I’ve always used all purpose flour. Some tell me they use cake flour but then the amount is less – maybe 3/4 cup – not sure.
    14. The flavoring I most often use is this mixture:
    15. 1 part vanilla extract
    16. 1/2 part butter flavoring
    17. 1/4 part almond flavoring
    18. A “Part” is any measure be it teaspoon; tablespoon; cup or quart Smile Since I made many wedding cakes I usually mixed it up by the cup:)
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