Why to choose these delicious Italian Wedding Cookies?

I just like these biscotti. They melt in your mouth, just like tiny powdery snowflakes. almost all of it is roasted almonds Using only the right amount of powdered sugar gives the mix a natural fragrance.  

Original Italian "La Mama Mia" Taste

Though Italian wedding cookies are still my favorite, they are not the only kind of cookies I make during the holidays. Of course my pistachio-soaked rugs are still winners: they were also celebrated in the Los Angeles Times! I'd totally give these chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies a shot! A funny story: His mom asked me to make some simple wedding cookies for a friend. If you whip up those Italian wedding cookies, she'll corrects you instantly with, “Oh, don't tell them they're not named that! I may be making a hasty recommendation that they get married soon! Clever, isn't it?